Arizona FC , in Surprise, AZ, have recently started using TopTekkers with their teams. So we caught up with club president Jeff Kelly to get his take on how they will be using it and the importance, especially during the current climate, of honing your skills outside the practice field. 

Club name: Arizona FC

Located in: Surprise, AZ. USA

Formed: 2015

Number of teams: 16

Kit colours: Maroon/Grey/Black

TT: How long has your club been using TopTekkers? 

JK: One and a half weeks, just getting started.

TT: Which age groups/players in your club are using TopTekkers? 

JK: All ages, from 7-17.

TT: How have you implemented TopTekkers at your club? Universal learning plans? Learning plans assigned by individual coach? 

JK: We have been able to use it as a tool to have players train on specific exercises outside of training in order to excel on the field.

TT: Why did you get TopTekkers for your players? 

JK: We needed to give our players guidance at home on what is important to the team as well as have them work on skills that they are interested in developing on their own.

TT: How will TopTekkers become a part of the coaching cycle or curriculum within your club? 

JK: We are currently working through the large amount of information available to the coaches and we’re sure much of it will be useful.

TT: What do you personally like about the app? 

JK: The ease of use for both coaches and players. Also, it helps the players to feed the competitive fire they have by earning the highest scores.

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