The main role of a centre forward is to score the goals for their team but it’s also about bringing their teammates into play. This article highlights how TopTekkers can help attacking players to become better in the centre Forward position.


It’s so important for a Centre Forward(CF) to have good control of the ball and a great first touch. Being able to bring the ball under control quickly and effectively allows the CF to set up their next movement whether that’s a shot on goal, a pass to a teammate or a skill move to beat a defender.

There are three main techniques on the TopTekkers app that will help attacking players improve their control of the ball and they are as follows:

Foot Control & Volley 

Thigh Control & Volley

Chest Control & Volley

They can all be found in the Control section of the app.


Passing is a fundamental skill for every player on the pitch, when it comes to a CF it is a vital technique to develop as it helps to bring teammates into play and to set them up for chances on goal.

Different types of passes are required in different situations and these passing techniques are available to practice in the app:

Lofted Pass - Great for playing teammates through on goal with passes over the top of the defensive line

Driven Pass - Another good technique to practice to develop long range passing and switching the play.

Curved Pass - Perfect for crossing situations in wide areas or for practicing free kicks.

One-Touch Pass - Practicing this technique will not only help a CF to improve their short passing and link up play it also helps to develop their control and touch of the ball.

Two-Touch Pass - Another important skill to develop for link up play and intricate passing in and around the opposition box.


There are three main sections for a CF to focus on when developing their physicality:

Speed - Being fast on and off the ball is so effective for a CF. For example, it allows them to run through onto passes or when dribbling with the ball and going past defenders. 

TopTekkers techniques to focus on:

  • 6 Yard Sprint
  • 18 Yard Sprint

Strength - CFs have to build their strength so they can hold off defenders when running with the ball and also when they are trying to hold up the ball and bring others into play

TopTekkers techniques to focus on:

  • Push Ups
  • Sit Ups

Fitness - As with any player on the pitch it’s important to build and maintain a good level of physical fitness so that they can perform for a full game.

TopTekkers techniques to focus on:

  • Endurance Run
  • Bear Crawl
  • Stair jumps


Probably the most important skill for a CF to develop is their shooting because at the end of the day their main goal is to put the ball in the net. Practicing different types of finishing is key so that CFs are prepared for different scenarios in a game. These techniques on TopTekkers will help to do just that:

One-Touch Finishing 

Two-Touch Finishing

Striking A Moving A Ball

They can all be found in the Shooting section of the app.

Download TopTekkers today on Apple or Android to work on these techniques so you can develop as a Centre Forward!