We recently caught up with our friends at Celtic FC Chicago to get an insight into how they’re utilising TopTekkers over in the windy city. We spoke with Director of Coaching Adam McLemore on the clubs approach to development and where he sees TopTekkers fitting in with CFC’s ethos.

Club name: Celtic FC Chicago Soccer Club

Located in: Chicago

Formed: 1990

Number of teams: 18

Kit colours: Green & White

TT: How long has your club been using TopTekkers? 

AM: Since March of 2020.

TT: Which age groups/players in your club are using TopTekkers? 

AM: We are providing our U8-U14 Age Groups with TopTekkers. 

TT: How have you implemented TopTekkers at your club? Universal learning plans? Learning plans assigned by individual coach? 

AM: We are implementing TopTekkers by assigning Learning Plans by the individual coach.

TT: Why did you get TopTekkers for your players? 

AM: We felt there was a need to use technology to help our players continue their own development outside of their normal team training. 

TT: How will TopTekkers become a part of the coaching cycle or curriculum within your club? 

AM: It will help us create individual learning plans for each player during their time away from the club. 

TT: What do you personally like about the app? 

AM: I love the instructional videos that demonstrate each skill. I also love the ability to have a leaderboard and create a friendly competition between players on each team. 

TT: What’s your club’s development philosophy? 

AM: We take a holistic player-centered approach to developing the individual within the team. Our primary focus is to develop talent and maximize each player’s potential. 

TT: Why is practice away from normal team training important?  

AM: Training for 3-4 hours per week is not enough time to develop players and maximize their potential. The best players in the world developed by taking the initiative and playing in the streets for endless hours outside of their normal club training. 

TT: Describe the perfect Celtic FC Chicago player? A player that embodies your organization on and off the field? What does that player look like? 

AM: The perfect Celtic FC Chicago player is confident, creative, quick thinking, and has a work ethic that drives them to be best they can be. 

For more information on Celtic FC Chicago Soccer Club please visit https://www.celticfcchicago.com/