Passing is possibly the most important tool in a Centre Midfielders (CM) arsenal. They have to work as the link between the defensive players and the attacking players, bringing others into the game.

Here are some of the passing techniques CMs should be practicing:

Lofted Pass - When players in this position are attacking they need to be able to play forward passes. A lofted pass is great for clipping the ball over the opposition defence for attackers to run on to.

Driven Pass - Great for switching play and spraying balls out to the wide areas.

Curved Pass - Perfect for crossing the ball into the box and also for taking set-pieces.

One-Touch Pass - When in tight situations this is a good technique to use to play your way out. It also helps with a player’s control of the football.

Two-Touch Pass - CMs need to be able to receive the ball in dangerous areas and offload it quickly. Practicing this technique will help with this.

All are found in the passing section of the app.


There are three main sections for a CM to focus on when developing their physicality:

Strength - It’s beneficial for a midfielder to be psychically strong as it will help them to protect the ball when in position and to be strong in tackles and aerial duels

Here are some techniques on the TopTekkers app that will help to build strength:

Push Ups

Sit Ups

Defensive Heading

Controlled Heading

Agility - Being agile is also important for a CM as it helps them to keep balance on the ball when dribbling up the pitch.

These TopTekkers techniques will help players to improve their agility:

Right Foot Hops

Bear Crawl

Right Foot Hops

Fitness - Midfield players need to have a really good level of fitness. Not only do they have to run forward and help the team score goals but they have to run back towards their own goal to help out defensively.

TopTekkers techniques to focus on

Stair Jumps

Shuttle Run

Skipping - One Foot Jumps

Endurance Run


CMs also have to contribute to scoring goals as well as assisting their teammates. So practicing shooting/finishing at training and at home is essential.

These techniques on TopTekkers will help to do just that:

One-Touch Finishing 

Two-Touch Finishing

Striking A Moving A Ball

Attacking Heading

Download TopTekkers today on Apple or Android to work on these techniques so you can develop as a Centre Midfielder!