Wingers or wide midfield players have to have a range of skills under their belt to be successful in the position. This article highlights how TopTekkers can help wingers players to develop these particular skills.


Players in wide positions need to learn how to effectively dribble and run with the ball, as they will do it in many situations during a game. 

Dribbling can be seen as a different skill from running with the ball. For instance, dribbling is where a player keeps close control of the ball to navigate their way through tight areas whereas running with the ball is where a player takes big touches to run onto to drive into the open space with speed.

Therefore it’s important to focus on developing both techniques. These skills listed below are available on the TopTekkers app to help improve a winger’s dribbling:

Quick Feet Dribbling

Diamond Dribbling

Zig Zag Dribbling

Running With The Ball

All are found in the dribbling section of the app.


Wingers need to have a great range of passing because one of their main jobs on the pitch is to create opportunities for their teammates, whether that’s putting crosses into the box or playing a ball behind the defensive line for their Centre Forward to run on to.

Different types of passes are required in different situations and these passing techniques are available to practice in the app:

Lofted Pass - Great for playing teammates through on goal with passes over the top of the defensive line

Driven Pass - Another good technique to practice to develop long range passing and switching the play.

Curved Pass - Perfect for crossing situations in wide areas or for practicing free kicks.

One-Touch Pass - Practicing this technique will not only help a Winger to improve their short passing and link up play it also helps to develop their control and touch of the ball.

Two-Touch Pass - Another important skill to develop for link up play and intricate passing in and around the opposition box.


There are three main sections for a Winger to focus on when developing their physicality:

Speed - Wide players have to be able to run down the wing with pace to beat defenders and create chances on goal. Speed is also important when players in these positions are trying to counter attack and catch the opposing team out of shape.

Wingers should focus on the following TopTekkers techniques to improve their speed:

  • 6 Yard Sprint
  • 18 Yard Sprint

Agility - Wingers have to be agile in their movement and must be able to maintain good balance when they are dribbling with the ball.

These TopTekkers techniques will help players to develop in these areas:

  • Quick Footwork - Side To Side
  • Agility Cone Flip
  • Right Foot Hops

Fitness - As with any player on the pitch it’s important to build and maintain a good level of physical fitness so that they can perform for a full game.

TopTekkers techniques to focus on:

  • Endurance Run
  • Shuttle Run
  • Skipping - Two Foot Jumps


Despite a winger’s main job on the pitch being to be a provider, it’s also important to spend time on improving their shooting. There are many occasions when a winger will have chances on goal e.g a cross to the back post, a one-on-one scenario, cutting in and shooting from the edge of the box etc.

These techniques on TopTekkers will help to do just that:

One-Touch Finishing 

Two-Touch Finishing

Striking A Moving A Ball

Attacking Heading

Download TopTekkers today on Apple or Android to work on these techniques so you can develop as a Winger!