We've added some fantastic new content and features over the last few weeks, and are always working on ways to make the TopTekkers experience even better!

Let's take a look at just some of the updates we have made to the techniques, challenges, and functionality of the app.

New Challenges!

In recent weeks we have added a number of completely new techniques and challenges to TopTekkers, including brand new video tutorials explaining the new skills. These include:

  • Quick Footwork - One Foot
  • Underarm Throw and Catch (Hand-Eye Coordination)
  • Right Foot Hops
  • Juggling On The Move
  • Stair Jumps
  • Skipping

Why not not try these new challenges on the app today?

New functionality

Earlier this year, we added a scoreboard functionality, so players can see where they rank amongst their own team mates. Kids love being able to see how many challenges they need to complete to beat their friends!

The functionality is great for coaches too - they can see who needs help, and who needs to work on other things!

See how the National Center of Excellence are using the leaderboards for their players here.

More to come

We are always improving TopTekkers. We can't reveal everything, but we can say that we have even more techniques and challenges coming soon!